Recent Web Projects


An audio-streaming platform

One of our development cases was concerned about music streaming and implied a creation of a platform that will enable music fans to find their favourite songs and artist, stream and download the songs, communicate with singers, find out about their upcoming projects, and support them promoting their work and funding new projects. Thus we created the first fan-sourced funding platform. The app also allows to vet new artist via a financial marketplace and provide great social media marketing. Artists can also create reward and encourage their fans for their support. These rewards increase user’s rank unlocking more and more premium features for them. Category: Music & Audio, Social Networking, Loyalty program Technology: .NET, ASP.NET MVC, WCF, MSSQL, Entity Framework

New issue

The latest magazine issues

Our customer, a magazine publisher, wanted to keep up with the needs of users and his magazine readers. The idea of an iPad application was to make latest magazine issues more available for the readers. We developed a user-friendly admin panel so that editors could manage the uploads updates of the magazine issues, the description, and wallpaper. With every new update icon in the App Store changes to the new one, notifying the reader about the release on a new issue. A user can buy new magazines with a few clicks or get a subscription. There are also available free version with the limited content. All the magazine files are saved on Amazon S3 temp bucket due to integrated Amazon API. Category: Publishing Technology: PHP, Yii, SSH, MySQL, Objective-C


Safe communication with video calls

Our customer approached our development team with concerns about children safety on the Web. Our task was to build a video chat platform eliminating any unwanted content and contacts so that it could become child- and senior-friendly. The app contains a lot of interactive features such as taking a photo during a call, instant picture sharing, and screen sync. So that video platform becomes not only one of a means of safe interaction but also can meet fun and educative purposes. The OpenTok framework also enabled background mode of the app letting users run other programs during the call. Category: Video-streaming Calls, Chat Technology: PHP, MySQL, Cocoa Touch, OpenTok, Three20, SBJson, P2P video


A tagging word processor

One of the productivity apps we have developed was a word processing tools that lets users add meaning without ruining the formatting. The app eliminates fonts and replaces them with tags so that user make heading tagging them as a heading. Users can add meaning by visual and logical tags, add links and meanings, change styles, and publish the documents. This word processor lets to make a text more powerful and interactive. The app lets users focus on the meaning and forget about formatting. Category: Word Processor, Productivity Technology: iOS SDK, Objective-C


A mobile tool to control the expenses

One of our work was dedicated to creation a financial application so that user could monitor and control billing, budgeting, and accounting processes. We developed a program which consisted of a web interface and mobile one available for iPads and iOS. The app tracks income and expenses letting users control their finances and set appropriate budget. We have also integrated payment scheduling and reporting functionality for better monitoring capabilities. The app activity is based on the information provided by a user. Finally, all data can be imported CSV, QIF, QFX, OFX, or MT940 files. Category: Finance, Productivity Technology: Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Microsoft Prism, Entity Framework, MS SQL Server Compact, Highcharts


Light control system

In collaboration with a startup entrepreneur, we have developed a program that is based on web simulation and remote control via mobile application for iOS and Android platforms. Our client, an author of remote lighting control, needed a system to operate and interact with the remote app. We developed this program enabling a wide range of settings which help achieve significant energy savings and lighting quality improvement by controlling light output. The app presents an effective tool to manage lighting consumption achieving up to 40% of energy saving. Category: IoT, Utilities Technology: AngularJS, Objective-C, AFNetworking, Google Analytics, ZBarSDK, Android SDK, Roboguice, RxJava, Retrolambda, Logback, Retrofit + Gson, libremote.a (the client's library for sending pronto codes).