Expert Approach to iOS App Design: a Unique Solution from the Leading Developers

We are a well-known IT company specializing in iOS app development, ready to provide our professional services and help you with upcoming projects.

The design of iOS application is not just the project look, it’s how the programm works. Our development group ensures that we are creating exactly what users want and need. We can ensure that the final design is not only visually appealing, but also functional, usable and brings value to your business.

How did we design our excellent app?

Creation of the IOS app requires a certain ability, knowledge, and experience to correct it. You should follow the recommended guidelines and steps and add new features that have never been implemented before. That's how we do things here. We adhere to our requirements and guidelines, but at the same time we tend to be creative and progressive.

The main thing we like to do with new clients is to investigate your business area. We like to communicate and share ideas, listen to your expectations and desires. We always offer a variety of solutions to choose the project that works best for the project. We want to define the fundamental aspirations and objectives that will guide the process of creating the layout. What are we going to do with this iOS app? After meeting needs, we have the ability to analyze and discover technologies that can help us achieve the best results. The last thing we did was brainstorming. This is, of course, our favorite part, because we have the opportunity to work out the most effective path to the actual advanced plan.

Steps for the innovative iOS design

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We plan to gain a deeper understanding of your business, deepen the needs of your business, explore target audiences, ideas, your key goals, and reach barriers. Our developers are very fast thinkers and innovators, ready to find new solutions and brilliant ideas. If you are curious about our way of doing things, we really want you to be our consumers.

UI Project

Creating the prototype is our absolute expert. Prototypes are an integral part of software development because they lay a solid foundation for extending future functionality. Think about core functionality and understand the relationship between the elements, our iOS developers will create a compelling and functional layout to deliver the best UX.

Rapid prototyping

Once the organization of the fundamentals, it is time to do the actual work. IOS designers start building structures, animations, connection screens, answer buttons - some of the many possible elements. We want to prototype the system as fast as possible and do not stop testing. Even though the app exists in your company and can not live in the store, we can enhance the experience.

Brand and visualisation

Our development agencies have in-house teams of developers and designers so we can do many different things at the same time. Even though we are developing the user interface, we are creating app icons and visual design. We analyze the needs and requirements of the user and investigate the target audience. Our experts use market research, case, mind mapping, modern cultural trends and discover the motivation to inspire users.

We know how to create awesome iOS app templates

The native iOS UI creation does not offer much room to manipulate. When creating a smaller screen, the layout of the UI should work with the speed of thought. We know how to create a clear interface for newbies and not make qualified users feel bored.

Interactive design rules are always useful

Even though the screen area is not large, the rules of excellent interaction are still critical to iOS app design.

  • Target-oriented design. We know how to develop for the right user. Public survey, including surveys and interviews, helps to create the role that is most likely to use the app. This allows us to publish specific needs and tailor the app workflow according to your wishes.
  • Availability. It looks like it's not a brain, but the app should be highly available. If the target audience in product use encountered problems, then they simply do not want to use it. Usability makes the product useful, which is the perfect first step.
  • Easy to learn. Users should be instinctively aware of how to use the interface. This is the hand of the design pattern. Family patterns can help new people easily adapt to iOS apps.
  • Response time and response. Feedback allows the user to identify whether the product has completed the task. Our developers are ready to upgrade their products according to the growing needs of the public.

These rules are the inspiration we started before designing any kind of interaction, be it iOS or other software.

We understand the user

Screen size is not the only limitation in iOS development. The user creates the appropriate interface. Therefore, the first step in developing a destination-oriented iOS UI is to understand the user.

There are three basic strategies for investigating user needs:

  • Functions: Functions are fictional characters created from the intended behavior of the target user. They allow the decision to force the user to decide on the iOS app.
  • User Scenario: Context provides the behavior of the person function. Through these scenarios, the master can create a perfect user interface for the user and achieve the desired goals.
  • Try the map: The designer explores all possible conditions for a single interaction. Experiencing the role of map representation is most likely to take all the steps when using the program. They help you recognize all the emotions and occasions that involve your behavior. Doing so soon will stop the road headaches.

In other words, our developers perform usability tests between each major iteration, so we can see how people use the app in a natural environment.

Use familiar mobile mode to improve usability

The design of the app will include the special nuances of many devices, including thumb placement, orientation and posture.

Our designers have a lot of experience in iOS development. They know the main guidelines of Apple and use this as a benchmark for usability and then add unlimited creativity.

We work out the perfect iOS design to achieve two interactive modes:

  • Gesture: Touch gadgets are determined by gestures. Sliding, tapping, double-clicking, squeezing and enlarging becomes the second essence of the user.
  • Animation: Motion allows the viewer to touch the interface when adding context. There is a discrepancy between the components, disappearing and slipping out of sight. When animations are combined with gestures, they add a specific depth to the UX.

IOS interactive mode helps you specify the design of common interface elements. For example, the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen are easier to click on the top than the thumb.

Special attention to auxiliary functions

The staff of our app design company always think of the convenience of each element on the screen: we will never forget to allow the user to use enough area to touch the tips of the fingers. If the buttons are too small or too tight, the user can not use them because they should be (the simplest increase in frustration and therefore give up).

Here are some tips to keep in mind when designing:

  • We keep our equipment in different ways. There are three ways to hold a mobile device: press the button on the one hand with your thumb, on the one hand, use the number to play, with two hands tapping gently. And there are some special ways to keep tablets, but users often put them aside.
  • The fingers are very greasy, in fact, but actually the width is about 45-57 pixels, which is beyond the orientation of the most guiding devices. As an example, Apple recommends using a square target of about 44 pixels.

The 44-pixel guide is not always true. No one wants to project such a big button. However, we always have these factors in mind to make our app more convenient.

Experience: development of excellent iOS apps

Our team of designers and developers can help you with the design of your app at any time. There is no task we can not deal with. We are very proud to have this experience and knowledge, allowing us to create higher quality iOS products.

Our longtime customers are the result of careful and focused work. Every new business, company or brand is an exciting new challenge and an opportunity to showcase our way of working, even if the team is performing the most complex tasks. There is no limit to the possibility of creation. We like to explore our imagination and create the perfect software that fits your business goals.

We are followers of trends and we will follow the most advanced trends in iOS app design. Our developers combine unique experience and exquisite fashion experience. Positive feedback, suggestions and explorations make our company consistent with the UK and the leading iOS software developers in the world.

We will make your brand more powerful, your name is recognized globally.


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