We Boost Businesses Developing Apps for iPad

Our software company has been developing apps for iPad since its release in 2010. We know our job and do it well, because it is our passion.

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Our strength

Our developers prefer working with iOS because it is the most stable and secure, hence reliable platform for businesses. Whether you need to develop a native application for iPads or web-based solution, our team of professional developers and designers will be happy to host a workshop for your company.

Bespoke iPad app creation

Our app development team specialise in delivering bespoke solutions for businesses of any size and industry. We attentively listen to your business objectives and requirements. Before we write a line of code, we get an in-depth understanding of your needs and develop fully customised solution aimed at solving your business problem. Our developers keep to Agile methods of app development to ensure that we meet all your requirements and expectations. Scrum methodology and your dedicated project manager make the process of app development transparent and clear for you. Don’t be afraid that, in the end, you will get something wrong. You are the one who controls the situation. We regularly ask for your feedback and quickly respond to request to satisfy your evolving demands.
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New level of productivity

We develop amazing iPad tools for work to help you improve your workflow. We are here to embrace all spheres of your business from automatisation of simple routine operations to better collaboration of your staff. iOS capabilities and our skills in mobile app development can optimise the way you create content, collaborate, manage the workflow, process and analyse data. The variety of way how to increase your productivity with a smart iPad tool is enormous. With a right iPad software you can:

  • Get real-time information;
  • Increase operational efficiency;
  • Safely share and update mission critical information;
  • Synchronise, optimise, and streamline internal operations;
  • Set regular reports of any complexity;
  • Quickly respond to the situation and so much more depending on your needs.

Improve customer experience

Your iPad can become a great intermediary between you and your customers. We know how to use all the capabilities of iOS platform and iPads to capture your customers, entertain, engage and retain them converting common users into loyal customers. With all the iPad functionality and our skills app engineers develop beautiful and involving apps that can help you to:

  • Provide users with the relevant information;
  • Inform them about updates and changes, for instance in schedule;
  • Advertise limited promotions and special offers;
  • Promote your business and build credibility;
  • Display data in visual and clear way;
  • Let them book and purchase;
  • Share your news and many other things limited only with your imagination.

iPads apps advantages over iPhones

Comparing iPad and iPhone we can say that they both make your business go mobile and increase your productivity. But iPad provide you also with a larger and more functional display. Their multitasking feature that allows working with two apps on one screen at the same time makes them more preferable. Our development team consider all screen nuances delivering unmatched UX design and distinguish iPad software from any other programs for iPhones and other smartphones. Our app developers benefit from iPads’:
  • Larger screen display;
  • Richer visualisation opportunities;
  • Compatibility;
  • Connectivity.

Empower your iPad app

As full-fledged members of Apple Developer Program, we can integrate numerous powerful features increasing performance capabilities of your software tool. The additional configuration in Xcode and developer account allows us to build apps for different purposes including CRM, communication, and data processing and storage. Among the features developers can implement we can list:
  • Background mode;
  • Data Protection;
  • iCloud: iCloudKit, iCloud Documents, iCloud Key-Value Storage;
  • in-App Purchase;
  • Push Notifications;
  • Wallet and much more.
iPad software development
A right software can help your business drive your mobile strategy. Our dedicated team of developers, designers, and QA experts delivers custom iOS solution for iPads. We develop apps taking advantages of iOS platform functionality. Software developers can use numerous iPad’s capabilities such as Maps, Video, Audio, Siri to develop a program that will fully correspond your needs and requirement. With our help, your software tool can benefit a lot from Retina display and mighty functionality of iOS devices creating an immersive experience. We strive to empower your employees and attract your customers with our iOS programs.
For corporate business we could create useful functionality, like:
  • app for creating documents;
  • iPad apps for creating diagrams;
  • Special scanning & recognising mode for transfer document in digital format during business trips;
  • Advanced iPad keyboard;
  • GPS-mode, integrated in your bespoke application;
  • Auto-calling block with corporate contact database, etc.
One of the latest features of iPad is a multitasking that takes advantage of its large display. It allows users to get more things done at the same time. With Interface Builder, our software developers can build your app taking in consideration this feature and adapting it to the different multitasking enhancements:
  • Slide Over provide users with an overlay on the right side of the screen that lets them select a secondary app to view. Such function allows users to view another app without leaving yours.
  • Split View which lets users to work with your app even when they need to use some other program. This mode divides the screen into two parts letting users interact with two apps at the same time. Our iPad app developers will optimise your program to make its feel and look great in this mode
  • Picture in Picture lets users play video in a moveable and resizable window that floats over your program. So your users will be able to visit your app even watching some video as a background.
Our software developers stay up to date on the latest trends in IT to ensure that your iPad program is modern and engaging. They can develop your iPad app making it accessible in any of this mode providing an engaging and interactive user experience.
App Thinning
Our iPad software developing team keeps up with the latest Apple innovations. Among them App Thinning. It lets creating iPad software that adapts Apple’s future updates. Developing apps with App Thinning support will ensure faster downloads, installation and launching with smaller storage space requirements. App Thinning includes three components:
  • Slicing, a creation of app variants for target devices with only executable architecture that is required for the device the program is used on. So depending on the devices users upload the variant which matches.
  • Bitcode, a representation of compiled program that allows re-optimise your iPad software for each device and processor capabilities without re-submitting to the store.
  • On-demand resources refer to images and sounds. Our developers can tag these resources with keywords and group them to enable faster downloads and smaller app sizes. Such actions will improve users first-time launch experience.
Only top quality products
Our app development company focus on delivering only top quality products. First of all, Apple company has rigorous guidelines and restrictions. Developing poorly-designed iPad app will be a waste of time and money because Apple carefully reviews your software and won’t release it in the store if there is something wrong. Secondary, we care about your business and sincerely wish you to benefit from our collaboration. Our QA department cooperates with our developers from the very beginning of your project analysing and preventing potential problems. Continuous testing throughout the development process eliminates all serious bugs. Such methods help us provide you with a high-quality iPad app.
Our proficiency in UI design for specific screens based on several years of practice in creating user-friendly and intuitive mobile applications for tablets and smartphones, which brings great experience to users and satisfaction to owners.

iPad app that makes money

Our business-driven approach ensures that we care about your business and strive to help you generate a high return on investment. Besides its functionality that adds value to business, your iPad app has a great potential of becoming a new source of income with numerous ways of monetization. According to the report from AppsFlyer iOS users spend twice more on in-app purchases than Android users. A comprehensive sample of over 100 million mobile app users shows that iOS users are more willing to pay. Our software developers can suggest several ways of your iPad app monetization:
  • In-app advertising

    App developers can integrate different third party platform for monetization of your app. With an empowering iOS SDK, app developers can integrate AdMob, Millennial Media, Adfonic or any other advertising buying platform. We can help you to choose the type of ads you want to implement, such as:
    • Banner ads;
    • Interstitial ads;
    • Interactive ads.
    App developers will put it in the right place making it non-obtrusive. Considering that average click costs about £0.40 - £5 when your app will become popular it can bring you £300 - £4000 per day.
  • In-app purchases

    Developing your iPad app, you may have ideas of additional bonus content which will be available for some payment. In-app purchases include not only extra content but also subscriptions which users can buy on their iOS devices via your iPad program. It can be consumable items such as internal currency, or non-consumable, such as removed commercial, upgraded to Pro edition.
  • Initial purchasing price

    As experienced professionals, at the beginning we recommend to release your app for free to make it widespread and collect a sufficient number of users. But as soon as it has both feets on the floor you can set a price on it in App Store and start generating profit. Of course, your app will gain much more if it will be in Top 100 List in App Store. From our part, we will support your monetization strategy with excellent functionality and design that users will love.